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April 2018
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Italian Ravioli with spinach and meat filling (意大利风菠菜猪肉饺)

Not in the mood any more for Jiao-Zi, Bao-Zi, Xiao-Long-Bao and all that other dumpling stuff? You might want to try their Italian counterpart for a change, therefore today I’m introducing you: “Italian style Spinach & Pork meat Dumplings” (read: Ravioli).

Ravioli with spinach and meat filling

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Apple-Curry Chicken (苹果咖喱鸡)

Sometimes local people tell me, we laowai just cannot cook good curry. I say: You bet we can! Next time you invite your Chinese friends for dinner, serve this fruity and light curry variation with apple. It is prepared in an instant and they will definitely like it!

Apple-Curry Chicken

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Salmon & Spinach rolls (三文鱼菠菜卷)

You successfully smuggled that great bottle of Chardonnay White Wine out of Pudong airport last time you returned to Shanghai? Well, then here is the cooking recipe for a perfectly matching dinner. Needs a little work to prepare, but you will not be disappointed!

Salmon-Spinach rolls

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Ham&Cheese rolls (火腿芝士卷)

This quick snack is an absolute no-brainer to prepare. But hey, sometimes you really only have is 5 minutes to impress your hungry surprise guests…

Bacon & Cheese rolls

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Mama-Style potato soup (妈妈的土豆汤)

Although culinary choice in China (at least in Shanghai) isn’t bad, you will still choose your Mom’s food as the best food! Should you however be lacking the necessary small change for flying home every weekend (or your expat working contract just doesn’t include it…) you can at least try to cook like your Mom!

Potato soup

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Summer quickie #2: Golden Fish filets with salad (黃金魚排)

Another quick dish which doesn’t need a lot of preparation work and time. But who would want to work at those current temperatures anyway… Bon appetite and thanks Fang Fang for the nice pictures!

Golden Fish Filet with salad

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Summer quickie #1: Hawaii Toast (夏威夷式吐司)

When outside temperatures in Shanghai are getting closer to 40 degrees, you will usually have just one wish - Get out of here and find a beach. If you are unlucky enough to be caught in that “melting pot” during summertime, maybe those easy-to-prepare-yet-tasty Hawaii style toast will allow you for some caribean mood.

Hawaii Toast

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Hungarian Shashlik (匈牙利肉串)

Spicy, delicious, and prepared in an instant. The classic hungarian Shashlik skewers are everybody’s favorite. Also perfectly suitable for a nice barbecue during hot Shanghai summer.

Hungarian Shashlik

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German style apple cake (德式苹果蛋糕)

Summer season is coming, the season for light and fresh fruit cakes. With just 20 minutes of preparation and 30 minutes of baking, you can create a delicious and easy to bake German style apple cake. It’s an old recipe that was handed down to me by my grand mother. Have fun and enjoy!

German style apple cake

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Original Italian Lasagne (意大利千层面)

The classic Italian Lasagna can be prepared without a lot of work. Just prepare two different kind of sauce, a red one and a white one. Then use noodle plates and grated cheese to prepare it layer by layer. The Chinese name for this dish is therefore “Thousand layer noodles”.

Baked lasagna - Bon appetite!

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