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April 2018
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Archive for 'Cooking'

Curry reloaded! With noodles! (咖喱肉酱螺丝面)

We already successfully delivered the proof that Westerners can indeed cook curry. Today, we’ll even deliver one more! A very light and variable summer recipe for all curry lovers - consider it as kind of “base recipe”. Add other spices / vegetables / etc. to your hearts content!

Italian Ravioli with spinach and meat filling (意大利风菠菜猪肉饺)

Not in the mood any more for Jiao-Zi, Bao-Zi, Xiao-Long-Bao and all that other dumpling stuff? You might want to try their Italian counterpart for a change, therefore today I’m introducing you: “Italian style Spinach & Pork meat Dumplings” (read: Ravioli).

Apple-Curry Chicken (苹果咖喱鸡)

Sometimes local people tell me, we laowai just cannot cook good curry. I say: You bet we can! Next time you invite your Chinese friends for dinner, serve this fruity and light curry variation with apple. It is prepared in an instant and they will definitely like it!

Salmon & Spinach rolls (三文鱼菠菜卷)

You successfully smuggled that great bottle of Chardonnay White Wine out of Pudong airport last time you returned to Shanghai? Well, then here is the cooking recipe for a perfectly matching dinner. Needs a little work to prepare, but you will not be disappointed!

Summer quickie #2: Golden Fish filets with salad (黃金魚排)

Another quick dish which doesn’t need a lot of preparation work and time. But who would want to work at those current temperatures anyway… Bon appetite and thanks Fang Fang for the nice pictures!

Hungarian Shashlik (匈牙利肉串)

Spicy, delicious, and prepared in an instant. The classic hungarian Shashlik skewers are everybody’s favorite. Also perfectly suitable for a nice barbecue during hot Shanghai summer.

Original Italian Lasagne (意大利千层面)

The classic Italian Lasagna can be prepared without a lot of work. Just prepare two different kind of sauce, a red one and a white one. Then use noodle plates and grated cheese to prepare it layer by layer. The Chinese name for this dish is therefore “Thousand layer noodles”.

Japanese style fried pork with curry sauce and rice (日式咖喱猪排饭)

The classic Japanese “Kare Tonkatsu” かれ とんかつ is a rather rich meal for all of you hard-working people returning home hungry in the evening. You can vary the taste to suit your personal taste, either hot and spicy, or mild and sweet. It’s just about choosing the curry cubes you like.

Taiwan style Coke pork (台湾风可乐猪)

Coke really has lots of usages. Initially invented as a medicine against headache, the Taiwanese have even managed to cook a kind of very delicious goulash with it. For variation, instead of pork you can also use chicken.

Chinese Spaghetti (中式炸酱面)

It is said that Marco Polo imported the spaghetti noodles from China. And if you try this Chinese specialty you will experience, that not only Italians are able to cook mighty tasty spaghetti!