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May 2018
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Kasutera (Japanese Honey cake) (蜂蜜蛋糕)

These days I’m practicing to cook Japanese food for a change. While reading some cook books and searching the web for beginner recipes, I stumbled upon Maki-san’s highly recommended blog I especially liked her Kasutera (かすてら) recipe, a slightly sweet Japanese style sponge cake with a light honey flavor - A perfect match for afternoon tea.


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Japanese crêpe cake (Mille crêpes) (日式千层蛋糕)

Recently while shopping in Muji Department store, I stumbeled upon a cake mix for a cake made entirely of crêpes and cream. When I saw the picture on the packing I could just imagine biting into the fluffy and creamy cake in my mouth, so I decided to give it a try. The result was quite nice, however I thought “No need for a cake mix - I can do that myself”, so this weekend I gave it a try.

Japan style crêpe cake

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Deep dish apple pie with crumble

It’s fall time again and just like every year, we have an abundance of apples. There are few things better in the fall for using up apples than an apple cake. Here is a personal favorite.
P.S. Best apples for baking in Shanghai can be found in Carrefour.


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Home-made Tiramisu (提拉米苏)

If you’re looking for a good Tiramisu in Shanghai, you can either go to Milano or Da Marco - or just do it yourself! The required Mascarpone cream can be found either at City Shop or Carrefour - or again, do it yourself. Have fun impressing your guests!

Home made Tiramisu

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American style cheese cake (美式芝士蛋糕)

The classic American style cheese cake as you can find it in most Shanghai coffee stores. You can change and improve this recipe in a number of ways, for example by adding fruits to the filling. Enjoy!

American style cheesecake

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Austrian Linzer Torte (奧地利 林茲果醬塔)

Talking about Austria, what’s coming to your mind? Red Bull? Arnold Schwarzenegger? Ever heard of “Linzer Torte”? It doesn’t give you wings, neither can it protect you from crazy machines from the future, but boy - it tastes great in winter!

Austrian Linzer Torte

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Vitamin cake (维生素水果蛋糕)

Winter in Shanghai is long, wet and cold. Vitamines are known to prevent you from getting a cold. So let’s wrap those vitamines in a delicious cake!

The special part about this recipe is the fluffy sponge which you will definitely succeed in preparing on the first try - Your mom will be impressed by your new mad baking skills!


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Fresh Bread Baguette (法国面包)

1 pack of dry yeast: 5 RMB (City Shop)
1 pound of wheat flower: 6 RMB (any local brand)
Fresh bread baguette for breakfast: Priceless!

After some messing around with the ingredients, it finally worked: Presenting my first self-baked bread baguette in Shanghai. Bake them on Friday evening, freeze them and enjoy them the whole weekend!

Fresh Bread Baguette

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Peach prosecco mousse with raspberry mirror (浓情蜜桃慕斯)

This Italian desert is also known as “Bellini mousse”. Use fresh peaces and cool Prosecco wine in summer to prepare this wonderful finish for a romantic dinner - for example for Chinese Valentine’s day (七夕节).

Peach mousse

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Curry reloaded! With noodles! (咖喱肉酱螺丝面)

We already successfully delivered the proof that Westerners can indeed cook curry. Today, we’ll even deliver one more! A very light and variable summer recipe for all curry lovers - consider it as kind of “base recipe”. Add other spices / vegetables / etc. to your hearts content!

Curry noodles

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